Ken Van Sickle was always a curious explorer of new technologies. Growing up in Brunswick, New York, he was intrigued by new gadgets introduced in the early 20th century, including a stop-motion camera which he owned at the age of 7. Van Sickle’s retrospective photography portrays romantic, evanescent moments in New York and Paris during the 1950’s. His travels to France heavily influenced his work, manifesting a pastoral and salon style appeal. Although decades have passed since Van Sickle’s photography work has been exhibited, SOCO Gallery is proud to have rediscovered an artist whose works has shown work in prestigious museums and galleries including Limelight Gallery (New York) in 1958, the very first photography exhibition at Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) in 1960, Witkin Gallery (New York) in 1980, Soho Photo Gallery (New York) in 1988, and Galerie Thierry Marlat (Paris, France) in 2000. Van Sickle also has an extensive film career and has worked on numerous cinematography projects including The Making of The Lion King in 1994, Marjoe in 1972, and commercials for international brands including Coca-Cola, Arm & Hammer, Revlon, L’Oreal, and Burger King.